Zero Investment

Want to build an app? Gone are the days of needing to hire an expensive mobile app developer. KICKSTARTER is Malaysia first program where company can get their own mobile application by minimum cost or even FREE.

In this era, mobile could be the key to developing your business and bringing in more traffic, advertising and sales. But prices can reach up into the tens of thousands – would an app suit your business? Are they really necessary, and what makes a good mobile application for a business? I think this is the question being asked by alot of corporate.

But can you imagine your corporate can get your own APP by minimum cost or even FREE? At TAS, we transform the latest technology and business trends into a constant value for our customers. We have extensive experience in the field and understand the many challenges businesses face in the 21st century. KICKSTARTER is best solutions for you to tap your business into mobile world.

To start with the program, merchant ONLY need to involve themselve in 4 simple steps:
1. Registration
2. Select templates and color scheme
3. Submit the logo, graphic materials and write-up
4. Promote the application
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Under this program, we even provide proffesional consultation services for those merchant have no idea how to tap their business into mobile world.